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Propulso is a small start-up with a bright future! Based in Eastern Townships since 2018, we’re passionate about technology and marketing. We’re always on the lookout for bright minds interested in joining our team. Opportunities are available in technology, as well as in sales and marketing. Our ambition to be the best means we only hire the best. We settle for nothing less!

Available opportunities:

Sales Representative

  • Conditions: Full time, potential for telecommuting, flexible schedule, plenty of opportunities for advancement.
  • Remuneration: Base salary for 3 months, 100% commission thereafter. Potential for an annual income of between $100,000 and $200,000.

When it comes to salespeople, we’re looking for the best of the best!

Propulso is on a mission to conquer the world with its GeoMarketing platform. That may sound ambitious, but we have the product to get us there!

GeoWhatNow?! GeoMarketing is the new branch of digital marketing based on people’s movements. In short, we target specific locations and capture the people who visit them. We can then display ads to those people. Propulso offers the first and only self-service GeoMarketing platform in Canada. Got it? (For more details, click here.)

By the way, we’re a small but sturdy start-up that’s been on the go since 2018.

Are you highly ambitious like us?

Interested in making a lot of money?

Do you consider yourself a sales professional and have the results to back it up? Could you sell a pen to Jordan Belfort?

Do you carefully follow up on leads and have no fear of making cold calls? Are you friends with everybody?

Are you comfortable hunting for contacts on LinkedIn and Facebook, and with leveraging innovative technology? If you still have a flip phone, you should probably look elsewhere…

We have the job for you!


  • Build a database of promising companies that might be interested in using our platform (don’t worry, we’ve already done a lot of the work).
  • Secure plenty of meetings with potential clients who really should get to know us (agencies, major companies, etc.).
  • Be able to effectively, concisely and accurately present our service offering and the operation of our self-service GeoMarketing platform. We want you to get people excited about our product. But you have to do it quickly—in 30 minutes to an hour—because our clients are always in a hurry.
  • Generate a ton of subscriptions to our platform (this is how we’ll measure your performance).
  • Help design the sales materials you’ll need to do your job, in collaboration with the marketing director and the technology director.
  • Become a full-fledged member of the Propulso team! You’ll represent our brand, our values and our commitments to our partners.

WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Someone with the following skills and experience…

  • Proven track record in growing sales, with a strong focus on new market development, client base expansion and market growth in the MarTech space.
  • Strong digital marketing skills.
  • High degree of attention to follow-ups.
  • Excellent time management and ability to manage multiple tasks and clients simultaneously.
  • Strong grasp of customer experience and the digital marketing industry as a whole.
  • Comfort with digital marketing tools and technologies.
  • Ability to work under pressure (we see you accomplishing big things).
  • Ability to work independently while telecommuting (due to the pandemic).
  • Proficiency in English (after all, we want to conquer the world).

If you’re still interested after reading all that… you might just be our man or woman!

Last but not least, at Propulso, we work according to three key values that you’ll need to embrace:

No BS: Propulso strives for full transparency, with no grey areas or worries about trade secrets. Around here, we can always handle the truth.

Innovation: We come up with good ideas by constantly coming up with new ones! At Propulso, we rely on R&D to continually improve our tools and our platform. It’s how we achieve the very best results for our clients.

Local: You might wonder what this could possibly have to do with our values… but it’s important for us to remain “local” even when we have clients throughout the world. We’re proud to be based at home in Quebec, not in some overseas tax haven. Look out tech giants, we’re coming for you!

TL;DR: We’ve got big plans, so we need a good salesperson… yesterday! Hurry up and apply! We review applications as they arrive… and we’re actually looking to hire multiple applicants!


Why work with us?


Everything is flexible! Work schedules, telecommuting, time off… Do some stretching in our mini gym! Great for balancing work, family and fun!

Fun Work environment

Like any good start-up, our office is equipped with bean bag chairs, standing desks and an espresso machine. We even have two micro-brews on tap! In short, you won’t want to leave!

Endless possibilities

We have a bright future… thanks to our crack team! So if you’re ambitious and hate business as usual, you’ve found your new home! We even offer our employees a profit-sharing program!

Apply now!

Are you passionate about what you do? Do you enjoy teamwork? Are you a positive, ambitious and energetic person? What are you waiting for? Send us your resume! We want you!