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At long last, this technology is accessible to everyone! It doesn’t matter if your campaign budget is $1 or $100,000.

No Monthly Fees

Opening an account is free and there are no monthly fees for using the platform. Simply pay as you go!


Manage and optimize your own campaigns using our simple and intuitive online platform.

  • Design your own campaigns
  • GeoAcademy tutorials and training courses
  • Access to real-time statistics
  • 10$ CPM Banners Native Content
  • 10$ CPM Native Content
  • 20$ CPM Videos
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Managed Services

Our experts have the know-how to take your campaigns to the next level.

  • All the features of self-service
  • Strategic advice from our experts
  • Design and management of campaigns by our experts
  • 13$ CPM Banners Native Content
  • 13$ CPM Native Content
  • 23$ CPM Videos
Some conditions apply to this service


What does CPM mean?

CPM means “cost per thousand” and it’s the unit we use for billing. It refers to the number of impressions your ads receive on different websites or applications visited by people detected in the target zones. In other words, it’s the number of times your ads (banners or videos) are displayed over the course of your campaign. This is a very common billing method in digital marketing.

Can I resell the service?

Absolutely! It’s easy to become a reseller for our various products and services. When preparing your sales pitches, you can use the various documents, images and other resources available on our platform. Just make sure that you have a good knowledge of our products and services, and that you fully understand the needs and expectations of your clients. Then you can set off to conquer the world of advertising.

How extensive is the available advertising inventory (banners, videos, native content)?

Our available inventory includes the three main formats: banners, videos and native content. Naturally, the creatives used in an advertising campaign will be a determining factor in its success. So it’s important to design unique advertising content that attracts attention. But there are other factors at play. Supply, promotion and the product or service being advertised all help determine the effectiveness of a campaign. Video ads typically receive the most clicks, but they also provide less visibility because available video advertising inventory is generally more limited. That’s why we recommend creating both banner and video ads.

Is this all legal? What legislation governs the industry?

Not only is GeoMarketing perfectly legal, it’s governed by very strict legislation the world over. Propulso is committed to meeting and even exceeding legislative requirements.

The AdChoices tool allows users to opt out of being geotargeted as part of a campaign. Users can do this at any time.

In addition, the collection of information is overseen by Privacy Shield and TrustE to ensure that it complies with Canadian, European and American privacy and data collection standards.