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Market Studies


Our unique platform allows you to analyze and understand the behavior of visitors of a specific location, almost anywhere on the planet.

Whether it is to learn more about your visitors, those of your competitors, compare your market shares or analyze physical travel, our market research reports are made for you!

Advertising campaigns


Our platform allows you to display your ads based on the physical movements of consumers. Whether it is to target your competitors' customers, recruit staff or target events, GeoMarketing is the marketing tool you need!

Thanks to our self-service platform you have full control of your campaigns in real time. You can easily create and edit your campaigns and analyze your results with no in-between!

The leading solution on the market!

Our customers are unanimous: our platform is revolutionizing the way they make decisions and invest their marketing budgets.

Data Providers

One of the best network in the industry!

Date Types

Movements, censuses, weather: it's all here!

Satisfied Customers

Anywhere around the world, from SMEs to Fortune 500!

Years of Experience

We are the leader of our industry.

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