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How does GeoIndicators work?

Assess your needs

What kinds of information do you need? For what period? How often should you reanalyze the data? Whether you purchase individual reports or an annual license, the possibilities are endless! Two report templates are available, one for visit reporting and another for market share reporting. Have more specific requirements? Design a custom report with help from our experts! Whichever option you choose, you’ll get highly precise information faster than with traditional market research methods.

Target locations

Take time to consider exactly what you want to target. Your competitors’ locations? Your own business? A major event? Traffic in a neighbourhood over a given period? Use our drawing tool to define your target areas by creating custom polygons. Import predefined zones, export the zones you create, and find satellite views of your locations with an address search. You’ll immediately get a cost and time estimate for completing the report, based on the number of target locations.

Get answers to your questions

The beauty of our platform lies in its ability to answer your questions within just a few minutes. Instantly glean information from graphs and visuals generated from hard data. Find new revenue opportunities: The points on the map could reveal a market you have yet to tap into.

Apply the results to your business strategy

Focus your efforts where and when they count: Armed with both time and location data, you can optimize all your sales strategies. Use geographic data to identify new geographic prospects and opportunities (e.g., seize the potential of intersecting zones). Fine-tune your strategic planning and decision-making. Compare reports over time to see the impact of the changes you make.

Visits Reporting

Visits Reporting

Find out all about who visits which locations.

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Market Share Reporting

Market Share Reporting

Compare your market share to that of your competitors.

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Personalized Reporting

Personalized Reporting

Design custom reports tailored to your needs.

What types of reports are available?

Visit Reporting

Gather information on visitors to any target location, including details on their consumer habits. You can also rely on visit reporting to determine:

  • How long people spend at your target locations.
  • The timing and total number of visits.
  • The average number of visits per person.
  • Where visitors arrive from.
  • The busiest periods.
  • How many people are likely to visit during a given period.
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Visit Reporting
Market Share Reporting

Market Share Reporting

Compare your market share to that of your competitors. Quickly locate vital information for developing your business or improving your services. Get access to real-time statistics on topics including:

  • Your share of the market.
  • Market share trends and projections.
  • The customer journey.
  • The absolute market size.
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Where do you get the data?

The platform uses data from the mobile devices of consumers who have consented to having their information used for advertising purposes. This fully anonymous data (associated with an advertising ID) uses a combination of GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and IP positioning information to pinpoint locations with a very small margin of error.

What countries allow use of the technology?

Currently, more than 100 countries allow geolocation-based advertising—including Canada, the United States, Mexico and several European countries.