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How does GeoMarketing work?

Define custom target zones

Interested in a competitor’s location, an event, a landmark or an entire neighbourhood? Our simple and intuitive targeting tool lets you draw custom polygons with an accuracy of three metres (10 feet)! That means tracking individuals who enter your target zones with unparalleled precision.

You’ll also be able to define zones around your own stores to measure the impact and effectiveness of your ads.

Identify consumers who enter target zones

In real time, our technology detects the mobile devices of individuals entering target zones. Their consumer profiles are then added anonymously to your campaign audience.

This is done exclusively using data from consumers who have provided consent.

Deliver ads to identified consumers

Our system detects the different devices (tablets, computers, phones, etc.) used by identified consumers and determines the most effective advertising opportunities based on their online shopping habits.

With the help of our artificial intelligence systems, this information makes it possible to not only optimize your use of different digital ad formats (banners, videos, etc.) but also deliver ads directly to people identified in your target locations.

Measure physical conversions resulting from your ads

Finally, we look at your physical conversion zones to determine how many people who saw one of your ads later visited one of your locations!

This provides you with the true ROI of your campaigns and the exact number of visits resulting from them.

Some effective GeoMarketing strategies

Take On Your Competitors

Chances are, your direct competitors have the same customer base as you. Why not identify and steal constomers who are about to purchase their products or services?

Recruit Staff

Looking for your next star employee? Find the applicants of your dreams by targeting your competitors’ employees, future trade school graduates and job fairs. Make labour shortages a thing of the past!

Build Customer Loyalty

Reach out to current and past customers with special offers or to cross-sell. If you’re in business, you’ve heard it before: Keeping an existing customer costs an average of 7x cheaper than acquiring a new one!

Target Events

Enhance your presence at events like business conventions and trade fairs by targeting attendees. You can even follow up with them in the days following the event or target people who attended in previous years.

Radius Targeting

Operate a business or provide services within a local area? Target consumers when they find themselves in the vicinity of a target location or in the days that follow.

Similar Locations

Target locations similar or complementary to yours. It’s a great way to track your own customers’ long-lost twins. You can even use our Geoindicator reports to identify these locations!

And much more!

You’re only limited by your imagination! Want to keep up with the latest trends? Check out our blog and sign up for our newsletter.

Why Choose Propulso?

Self-Service Platform

Ours is the only self-service platform in Canada that allows you to create and manage campaigns on your own, all with just a few clicks.

  • Ability to cut out the middleman and design your own campaigns
  • GeoAcademy tutorials and training courses
  • Access to real-time statistics
  • And much more!
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Homegrown Media

Invest in Homegrown Media

Stop lining the pockets of Big tech giants and start using a homegrown platform that supports hundreds of local media companies. Our geotargeted advertising campaigns can be deployed in more than 100 countries around the world.

Estimated portion of ad budget allocated to media:

≈70% Propulso ≈30% Google Ads 0% Facebook Ads

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Measure Physical Conversions

Measure Physical Conversions

We offer the only advertising tool on the market that allows you to precisely measure not only the number of in-person visits generated, but also the ROI for your drive-to-store campaigns.

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Unrivalled Accuracy


Where do you get the data?

The platform uses data from the mobile devices of consumers who have consented to having their information used for advertising purposes. This fully anonymous data (associated with an advertising ID) uses a combination of GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and IP positioning information to pinpoint locations with a very small margin of error.

What countries allow use of the technology?

Currently, more than 100 countries allow geolocation-based advertising—including Canada, the United States, Mexico and several European countries.

Where will the ads be displayed?

The ads will be shown to detected consumers on the sites and applications they visit, in the form of banners, native content or videos. Because we deal with over 100 advertising inventory suppliers, we have access to virtually every website and application!

How much does a campaign cost?

Our self-service platform charges on a pay-per-use basis, according to the number of impressions your ads receive (CPT). The cost will therefore vary based on the number of locations you target and the number of individuals detected.

Are there any restrictions?

Ethical considerations make certain locations, industries and strategies off-limits. Our team of experts reviews each campaign to ensure compliance with industry standards. Because regulations are constantly evolving, please contact our team if you are unsure or need more details before starting your campaign.