The must-have platform for businesses

The must-have platform for businesses

What Can You Do with Our Platform?



Directly reach your customers while drawing away those of your competitors! Our easy-to-use self-service advertising platform delivers real results by tracking the physical movements of target consumers.

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Want to know more about your customers or those of your competitors? No need to undertake expensive market research! Our platform will provide the information you need at a fraction of the cost.

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A World of Possibilities

Steal Customers Directly from Your Competitors

With our GeoMarketing platform, you can actually move people from your competitors’ locations right to your door. You’ll even be able to track results in real time.

Deliver Advertising to Niche Markets

Stop advertising to people who aren’t even potential customers. Do you sell highly specialized equipment? Do you provide services to difficult-to-reach customers? Target the locations your potential customers visit and influence their behaviour in a way that makes them more likely to buy from you.

Recruit Staff More Easily

At a time when recruiting qualified staff can prove both difficult and expensive, Propulso makes it easy to directly reach the applicants you’re looking for. When advertising available positions, target the locations visited by the people you want to hire.

All the Market Analysis You Want

Want to know who buys from your competitors? Trying to find out more about the residents of a particular region and their consumer habits? Or maybe you’re looking for data on your own customers. Let us take care of the research!

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Why Choose Propulso?

Plateform Integration with 2000+ Applications
Plateform Integration with Zapier

Integration with 2000+ Applications

Unlike anything else on the market, our platform integrates with Zapier so you can use it with all your favourite applications!

  • Automate reporting
  • Create alerts
  • Automate invoicing
  • And much more!
Homegrown Media

Invest in Homegrown Media

Stop lining the pockets of Big tech giants and start using a homegrown platform that supports hundreds of local media companies. Our geotargeted advertising campaigns can be deployed in more than 100 countries around the world.

Estimated portion of ad budget allocated to media:

≈70% Propulso ≈30% Google Ads 0% Facebook Ads

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What People Are Saying

Propulso invited us to test their services early on, and we’ve been using them ever since. We quickly realized that we could use the platform to draw customers away from competing stores and bring them right to our door, all at a very low cost to us. From the start, we’ve run ongoing campaigns that consistently generate hundreds of visits per year to our locations. As a result, Propulso has become integral to our marketing strategies and we rely on its consulting services when the time comes to make important decisions. For example, we used our customers’ data to determine where they lived within the city, in order to choose the best location for one of our new stores. The evidence is compelling: the new store generates more sales than the former location! I wholeheartedly recommend Propulso’s services to any business… except my competitors ;)

Jacques, Mattress Retailer