The must-have platform for agencies

The must-have platform for agencies

What Can You Do with Our Platform?



Offer your clients the most accurate digital advertising technology on the market, whether as a provider or reseller. Measure physical conversions and monitor results in real time.

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With data on the physical movements of your target consumers, you can refine not only your digital strategies, but also your traditional ones. Let us take care of the research! You’ll be just a few clicks away from all the data you need.

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A World of Possibilities

Demonstrate Offline Results

It’s true! We can demonstrate that your digital campaigns are actually influencing people’s physical movements. Take the intangible and make it tangible for your clients. Monitor results in real time using the dashboard.

Serve Niche Industries

Offer highly specialized solutions to highly specialized clients! Our technology is especially well suited to fields where the effectiveness of traditional and digital advertising methods is limited.

Get Started in Just a Few Clicks

Significantly expand your agency’s product offering, without the need to hire more staff or spend months in training. Our GeoAcademy will make you experts in no time!

Stand Out from the Crowd!

GeoMarketing remains a relatively new and largely unfamiliar technology. Offering this advertising medium will definitely set your agency apart. Use it as a secret weapon in your next sales pitch!

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Why Choose Propulso?

Plateform Integration with 2000+ Applications
Plateform Integration with Zapier

Integration with 2000+ Applications

Unlike anything else on the market, our platform integrates with Zapier so you can use it with all your favourite applications!

  • Automate reporting
  • Create alerts
  • Automate invoicing
  • And much more!
Homegrown Media

Invest in Homegrown Media

Stop lining the pockets of Big tech giants and start using a homegrown platform that supports hundreds of local media companies. Our geotargeted advertising campaigns can be deployed in more than 100 countries around the world.

Estimated portion of ad budget allocated to media:

≈70% Propulso ≈30% Google Ads 0% Facebook Ads

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What People Are Saying

In my role as a business development manager, implementing the GeoMarketing platform made it possible to round out my firm’s service offerings while responding to the growing needs of our current and future clients. Besides, collaborating with Propulso always proves a pleasant and mutually beneficial experience!

Karine Lambert, Agence Oz