The must-have platform for cities and institutions

The must-have platform for cities and institutions

What Can You Do with Our Platform?



GeoMarketing makes it possible to target people in an area within three meters. Take advantage of it to communicate effectively and quickly with your citizens or use it as a recruitment tool for your future employees!

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Analyze the habits and physical movements of citizens with precision? Yes it's possible! Plan the development of territories and services using our reports and simplify internal project management with our self-service platform, accessible to all your departments.

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A World of Possibilities

Make informed decisions

Stop making guesswork and costly decisions: there is finally a way to get accurate answers to your questions. With our data analysis reports, we offer one of the best ways to optimize taxpayers' money while improving your decision-making processes!

Accessible, affordable and fast

Access your reports in minutes and at very reasonable costs! You can even go back in time! Avoid the complex deployment of equipment, the delays and the exorbitant costs to get analyzes. And the price? We offer unlimited annual licenses, a la carte licenses according to your needs or according to the size of your organization. (A lot cheaper than getting it wrong!)

Get started in just a few clicks

Significantly expand your product offering, without the need to spend months in training! Our GeoAcademy will make you an expert in no time!

Analyze while respecting privacy

Concerned about respecting the privacy of your citizens? Our data is only collected from the mobile devices of users who have consented to their information being shared. The data is anonymized, while giving you the relevant information you need via reports.

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Why Choose Propulso?

Plateform Integration with 2000+ Applications
Plateform Integration with Zapier

Integration with 2000+ Applications

Unlike anything else on the market, our platform integrates with Zapier so you can use it with all your favourite applications!

  • Automate reporting
  • Create alerts
  • Automate invoicing
  • And much more!
Homegrown Media

Invest in Homegrown Media

Stop lining the pockets of Big tech giants and start using a homegrown platform that supports hundreds of local media companies. Our geotargeted advertising campaigns can be deployed in more than 100 countries around the world.

Estimated portion of ad budget allocated to media:

≈70% Propulso ≈30% Google Ads 0% Facebook Ads

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What People Are Saying

In my role as a business development manager, implementing the GeoMarketing platform made it possible to round out my firm’s service offerings while responding to the growing needs of our current and future clients. Besides, collaborating with Propulso always proves a pleasant and mutually beneficial experience!

Karine Lambert, Agence Oz