A delegation from Propulso at CES 2024!

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A delegation from Propulso at CES 2024!

The expansion of Propulso this year has been palpable, but 2024 is looking to be exceptional! Propulso is finally positioned to make a significant entrance at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas! From January 9 to 12, 2024, the delegation composed of Mathieu Le Reste - CEO, Nicolas Dessureault - Sales Director, Vincent Quernel - Chief Technology Officer, and Audrey Thomas - full-stack developer, will represent Propulso’s global technological leadership and commitment in the field of ethical data intelligence.

An event of significance since 1967

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s most important technological event, showcasing the boldest breakthroughs in the industry. The largest international technology companies never miss this gathering: the 2023 edition brought together over 117,000 participants from more than 151 countries. The 2024 edition is no exception, promising the participation of nearly 300 companies from the Fortune Global 500.

Supporting Propulso’s international deployment

Solicited by Investissement Québec for the second time (the first delegation was canceled in 2022 due to the resurgence of Covid-19), the Propulso team has ambitious goals:

  • Consolidate its global technological presence and relationships with current suppliers;
  • Explore new partnerships with innovative suppliers;
  • Identify potential clients;
  • Stay alert to emerging talents (international recruitment);
  • Monitor market trends.

“The timing is excellent to confirm our presence at CES this year. Not only have we made significant technological leaps with our flagship product, GeoIndicators, in the last year, but our leadership in ethical data intelligence is gaining international attention. We have launched new reports this year developed in collaboration with recognized Canadian organizations that have made waves even in the United States. We have been approached by potential R&D partners in the United States, and we will leverage CES to meet them and demonstrate the possible contribution of our technology to their field.” according to CEO Mathieu Le Reste.

Investissement Québec’s decision to support Propulso’s international deployment reflects confidence in the company’s potential on the global stage. Propulso’s presence at CES 2024 symbolizes a unique opportunity to anchor its influence in the global market, promote its technological advancements, and establish strategic collaborations. This major event marks a new chapter in the evolution of Propulso, reinforcing its position as an emerging leader in the field of ethical data intelligence on a global scale.

Published on 15-12-2023